Collective Networks

COLLECTIVE NETWORKS applies years of experience learned through trial and error, creativity and innovation to meet the unique challenges, diverse landscape and cultures of the African market. Additionally, utilising our established network within content, mobile, telecoms and marketing, we able to grow your business and help you form strategic partnerships.

Mobile Content Solutions

In an age where content is king and consumers crave everything that is visual and video, we source highly relevant, engaging and local content that resonates with consumers in their own language and culture. Let us help you offer cutting edge entertainment that excites, engages and captures your audience while embedding the memory of your brand.


Marketing Solutions

With GROWTH as the key focal point, we provide synchronised marketing efforts from acquisition through to retention. Optimising & driving performance, maximising ROI & monetisation for our clients. Applying innovation and strategic conceptualisation & implementation. “The only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” — Mark Zuckerberg, founder, Facebook


Strategic Partnerships

Utilising our established network within content, mobile, telecoms and marketing, we help you form strategic partnerships within Africa to grow your business. Connecting you with the right strategic partners such as MNO's, content, pay & commerce, brands, telcos, service providers, media, agencies, technology and software partners.


Previous Clients

We have had the pleasure of working with both large brands and start up business.

Collective-Networks is ready to help you achieve your goals!