Marketing Solutions

Africa has very different market needs and unique challenges with regards to affordability and accessibility. We can’t blindly follow market leaders. In South Africa for example, of the 52.21 million people, 52% use the internet and 75% of this traffic comes from mobile devices.

At Collective-Networks, we analyse and acknowledge local audiences and create a strategy according to this unique mobile first landscape.

We offer:

 Innovative and strategic conceptulisation and implementation

 Brand management

 Sourcing, creating and booking all above and below the line advertising

 Marketing strategy, analysis, conceptualising and reporting

 PR and Marketing across all platforms for both B2C and B2B clients

 Organizing and managing of corporate and consumer events

 Print, promotional and digital design

 Printing & distribution service

 Social media planning, set up, management and reporting

 Event management, corporate and consumer



 Identify key marketing & growth opportunities to educate the market, drive traffic or installs, time spent on your site or within your app, increase and retain monthly active users (MAU).

 Build innovative marketing campaigns utilising unique platforms to reach high or low LSM, mass market or a specific demographic

 Build reward and loyalty programs to drive trial and encourage loyalty

 Manage the planning, analysis, strategy, campaign, account and implementation.

 Support and work closely with our clients selected marketing/ad, PR agency to launch marketing initiatives

 Brief and manage designers and social media team, following brand guidelines & campaign specs

 Brief developers on campaign specs, adhere to deadlines, check quality, submit for internal approval


Visit, a division of Mobile Networks, for more information regarding mobile marketing specific services.