Manzi 4Life Water

50% of South African’s are currently suffering in drought stricken areas. We can bring purified water to them delivered in new and unique 5 litre UV protected and reusable bags at almost half the industry standard price. Our goal is to find partners who are willing to sponsor this important initiative to save lives and bring hope to struggling communities who no longer have access to clean water.

Be that brand that can truly help someone in need and at the same time connect with them on a level that forms a lasting and loyal relationship for life!

Manzi 4Life Water Project aims to distribute free purified drinking water to communities in drought stricken areas across SA. Through the use of a world class purification system and stored in new and unique non plastic reusable 5l water bags, the water remains BPA free, UV protected, last 3 times longer than bottled water. Our objective is to provide A-grade quality water at almost half the price of bottled water.

You or your company can make a difference helping us fund this important contribution to those in desperate need.

For more information on how to get involved, please contact Sarah Nolte 072 398 4951